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Saturday, 30 April 2016

Interview with L J Frank @LJ_Frank

I have been interviewed again for the NP Journal. It's always great to be able to express my thoughts via questions.

Vanessa :)

Favourite question… Did you receive much moral support?

“I was lucky to have a group of friends when I started who gave me encouragement and read my first attempts. If it had not been for them I would probably have given up. Once I went online, I was surprised at the fantastic support and feedback I received from readers and authors alike. I am not saying it was all positive – not everyone was interested or cared about my writing. I remember someone saying to me, ‘You’re never going to be famous or anything.’

Honestly, I have walked along this twisted road and the adventure along the way have made it all worth it.”

Working principally as an author, publisher, website administrator & idea consultant. Periodically advise and mentor; also, artist by commission. Career as non-profit (libraries) executive, university instructor and advisor. Also worked and studied in Asia, Middle East and Central America.
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